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IBM Video Streaming

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IBM is offering a special extended free access for new Watson Media customers to assist during this time of global crisis when in-person events and communications are transitioning to virtual. Details of the two options are as follows: 

1) IBM Enterprise Video Streaming
(most often used for employee communications)
This offer includes free access for 90 days to stream communications to authenticated users and includes:
20,000 authenticated users
400,000 Viewer Hours per month
1 Channel
1 TB Storage

2) IBM Video Streaming
(most often used for virtual conferences and events)
This offer includes free access for 90 days to stream events to public audiences and includes:
20,000 Viewer Hours
10 Channels
1 TB Storage  

Signup for this offer is available through June 30, 2020.

Additional Restrictions:
Trial offer is available to businesses with a minimum of 100 employees.
This trial offer is for new customers only.
This trial is only available in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific (excluding China), and Japan

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