Blue Hill Research:
Cloud Video Analyst Report

IBM Watson Curates Video Activity for the Personalized Audience of One

Blue Hill estimates that video made up over 70% of IP traffic in 2016, and that video will double in raw volume while making up over 80% of all global IP traffic in 2020. Given both the expansion of video and the latent business demand to translate video into greater business context, this report will provide context on how recently-announced IBM Watson-based services will increase the value of video from now until 2020.

Blue Hill highlights some key cognitive video capabilities in the report. One new service will support live-reaction analysis of viewer sentiments on social media as a video streams. Another service automatically detects scenes in video footage to simplify indexing, editing, and the creation of value.
A third new Watson service analyzes the social media footprint of viewers to suggest what kind of content each person would most enjoy. 

Download this paper to learn about cognitive video capabilities and how these artificial intelligence features can enhance the experience of watching video.